Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Writing on Wednesday...Readers wanted!!

The end is in sight for Operation: Endgame.
As I get closer to finishing the first draft of this book, the thought occurs...what next?
I am signed up for a self-editing class next month so that will be a good start.
Also, I think that I need someone else to read it.
So far, I am the only one that's done so and it's time for someone else's feedback.

So, I Need 5 Readers!

Warning: this is the first draft of a very first novel, so it very likely sucks, like big-time sucks. 
But I know that.
What I can't see, as the author, is exactly where in the story/plot/writing that it sucks.
That's why I need you and your feedback.

So, I am asking for volunteers to read my novel when I get it done (will likely be within the next couple of weeks.) I just need a few people willing to read it and be honest, but not cruel. ;o)

Warning: the novel contains some graphic sex. 
(it would probably rate as a spicy on my sexual scale on my book review blog)

I can send you the novel as a Word doc or as a pdf file which you can load onto your e-reader.
(it's so cool to see my book on my Kindle...hehe!) 
When I convert to pdf though, it does lose some of the formatting...
specifically, parts of the book that are in remembrances or internal dialogue.

If you are interested, you can leave a comment here or send me an email at

I will need your email address to send the file.

And just because you all have been so fabulous with your support, here's another little snippet from the story.
The scene here is Cassie and Jake. Jake is trying to help Cassie take a bath after she has been hurt (her collar bone is broken so she can't move her right arm.) At this point, they are still just friends...

Cassie watched the myriad of emotions cross Jake’s face as he helped her out of her clothes. She stopped him now though with a hand cupping the side of his face. “Jake, relax. It’s just me, the girl you used to tie to the tree and abandon when we were little.”
Jake gave a self-effacing chuckle. “Can we not talk about bondage when you are standing there looking so gorgeous in just your underwear and about to get naked?”
The comment was so out of left field and Jake had such a look of pain on his face that Cassie had to laugh. “Relax, Jake, we can do this. We are adults.”
“Again, not helping, because I don’t need to be thinking adult thoughts right now, trust me.”

These are my words so you are not allowed to copy, alter, or re-print them anywhere else without my permission. ;o)


Amber Hight said...

Send it my way, I'd love to read your debut draft;) Can't wait! You're doing awesome, btw;)

Jennifer said...

I'm always up for a good read! My e-mail is

Unknown said...

I'd love to read what you've done! (if you still need readers). I'm loving everything you have written so far! I don't comment, much, but I'm so proud of you!! <3

PDF, please?

michib said...

I love reading the snippets that you tease us with! I was so worried when I scrolled down to this post I had missed the opportunity. If I can still get in on this, my email is


Crystal said...

If you don't already have your 5 I'd love to be a reader as well! I've really enjoyed all of your teasers so far!
My email is
Thanks for always inspiring with your crafty creations as well. Merry Christmas!
Crystal Rodner

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