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Writing on Wednesday...First Aid in a Snowstorm

Right now I am in the process of writing three different books and playing at a couple of others. I switch back and forth depending on my mood because they are all different genres. My excerpt for today's writing is from the book A Bewitching Snowstorm.

Writing this book is a different process because, simply put...I am not really using a process on this one. It's weird. I sit down to try and plot it and it just doesn't work with this book, so I just keep writing and every single time I write on it, something happens that surprises me. It's the most bizarre writing process. I don't even know if it's possible to come out with a decent book this way, but for now, it's working for me.

BTW, I already have an earlier scene posted from this WIP that explains how Todd gets hurt. You can find it HERE.

As she came back in the room, he noticed that she a first aid kit, some rags, a bottle of Jack, and a steaming bowl of water all on an old fashioned wooden tray. She nodded to the bowl that she carried, “Luckily the house has an old gas stove that will work in any weather.” She spread her supplies over the coffee table and reached toward his shoulder to remove the blanket that was still draped over him. “This is going to pull a bit as I remove this other dressing. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. I am sure that I will survive.” As she started to pull on the tape, bolts of pain started shooting down his arm and abdomen. Todd gasped and grabbed her arms with his uninjured left hand. “Okay, let’s try doing this a different way, just to take the edge off. I get that the Jack is for medicinal purposes for the infection, but I am thinking that we should utilize its deadening qualities for this. Do you mind getting me a glass?”

Maggie nodded, “That’s actually a good idea.” She went to a cabinet on the other side of the room and pulled out a cut crystal highball glass and poured several shots of Jack into it and handed it to Todd. She tried not to notice the shaking of his hand as he reached out to grab the glass from her. Todd’s eyes were looking a bit glassy and he had a sheen of perspiration on his brow just from what little she had done. God, she hated hurting him like this. “I am sorry.”

“Not your fault. Damn deer.” Todd was drinking the potent liquor like it was tea, but he had a feeling that getting drunk was the only way that he was going to make it through this without passing out…again. He drained the first glass, and lifted the empty highball up to Maggie. “Let’s fill this up one more time, give it about 10 minutes to take effect and then we can try again.”

She looked at him worriedly, but grabbed the bottle of Jack. “Okay, but you can’t accuse me of getting you drunk without your acquiescence.”

He cocked an eyebrow at her and teased. “Does that mean that you plan to take advantage of the situation, because I am totally on board if that’s your plan.” He looked at her breasts and saw the nipples harden and grinned a lopsided smile. Yep, the Jack was definitely achieving the desired effects because he seemed much more relaxed. “So why does someone as pretty as you live way out here all alone?” He looked into those gorgeous violet eyes. If he hadn’t been watching, he wouldn’t have ever seen the pain that flashed across them, but it had definitely been there before she hid it quickly.
“I don’t live alone.”

“What?!? Aw crap, you’re married aren’t you? Damn, damn, damn.” Todd now looked like a pouty little boy who had just had his favorite toy stolen.

Maggie laughed as she took away his now empty highball glass. “No, I am not married, or involved, or committed, or dating. I live here with my cat, Lacey.”

“Oh no, that’s almost as bad. You’re a cat person??” Todd looked genuinely morose. “I really, really don’t like cats.” Except for the ‘cats’ came out sounding like ‘cash’. It was definitely time to work on his shoulder again because Todd appeared to be soundly medicated with his Jack Daniels.

“No worries, big guy. I don’t think that Lacey likes you either since I haven’t seen her since you arrived.” Maggie looked around the room wondering where she had gone to, but not seeing her, decided to concentrate on Todd once again. She reached toward his shoulder and this time managed to get the entire dressing off.

Todd gasped in deep breaths as he said,“Damn, that hurts like a mother-fucker.” Todd looked down at his swollen, red, oozing shoulder. “Hmm, it doesn’t look too good either, does it?”

Maggie was concerned. No, this definitely didn’t look good. Todd was well on his way to a raging infection if they didn’t get this under control. “No, it’s not good. Listen, Todd, you are getting a really bad infection here and we have to get it under control. That’s why you are still running a fever. Right now, this is full of puss. I need to drain it and then we are going to have to clean it with alcohol. After that I can make up a medicinal poultice for it which will help it heal and hopefully sooth it some, but I am not going to lie to you…getting to that point is not going to be pleasant.” Maggie looked up into his eyes, her own eyes full of sorrow, as she started pulling her medical supplies out of her first aid kit.

Todd tried to give her a cheering smile. “Well, talking about it isn’t going to make it any easier for either of us so let’s just get it done. I don’t suppose I could have any more Jack could I?” He glanced over at the bottle a bit drunkenly.

“Unfortunately, no. It was probably a bad idea to let you have as much as you already have had while you are running a fever, have a possible concussion, and haven’t eaten much for the last 24 hours. Believe me, a hangover and puking isn’t going to make any of this feel any better.” Maggie tried to give him a brave look.

“Okay, well let’s get to it then, right?” Maggie started to reach for his shoulder again, but Todd stopped her and looked into her eyes. “Distract me. Talk to me. Tell me about yourself. Anything to keep my mind off what you are doing over there.”

Maggie looked startled, but she understood what he was asking. She took a deep breath and started sharing, her voice more than a little shaky, both about what she was about to do and what she was about to tell him. “You were right. This house is too big for just me. My husband and I bought it three years ago. This was our forever house. You know the one where we planned to raise our kids and grandkids.” Her voice took on a raspy quality as she cleaned his shoulder. “Last year we were out in a snowstorm a lot like this one, when we were in a wreck… a bad one. Mike was killed instantly when we hit the tree. His side of the car took the brunt of the impact.” Maggie took a deep shuddering breath and worked at lancing the puss out of Todd’s shoulder. She could feel the muscles flinching under hands as she worked, but he didn’t utter a word. The only sound was his hiss of indrawn breath at the pain, but she continued her story and continued working. “I was trapped in the car with Mike’s body. I knew that he was dead, but I didn’t want to leave him. It was my fault. I knew better than to mess with the Winter Fairies when they are in a mood like that, but I was cocky that my magic could keep him safe. I was sure that my own powers were stronger than theirs. I was so wrong.” By now, the tears were rolling freely down her face, but she continued to work with sure, steady hands, trying to work quickly so that this torture would be over for both her and Todd.

Todd was breathing heavy and he had sweat rolling down his temples. He could barely breath the pain was so bad, but he had to interrupt her story. “Wait, what? Magic? Fairies? I don’t understand.”

Maggie leaned him forward and placed a towel behind him and reached over for the Jack Daniels, and now her hand started to shake. Right before she poured, she looked him in the eye. “I know you don’t. Most mortals don’t, but I am a Magic Fairy.” Her eyes flashed, and she poured the Jack directly into his shoulder wound. Todd screamed, the shock and pain reverberated out of his eyes as he passed out

These are my words so you are not allowed to copy, alter, or re-print them anywhere else without my permission. ;o)

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