Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Writing on Wednesday: Time to switch the binders

I organize my writing in loose-leaf binders.
It can get fairly crazy because at any given time, my writing table pretty much looks like this...

Not so pretty, but all those binders mark a LOT of work in my life
and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling just to look at them.

Another thing that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling is when it's time to switch the binders. 
Yesterday was that day.

All of my books start out in a little 1/2" binder like that one on top. 
Then as the book gets bigger, they slowly creep up in page count until they need the 1 1/2" binder.
Yesterday Operation: Endeavor moved to the 1 1/2" binder (30,000 words so far.)
AND Unity Found made it's way into a 1/2" binder (3000 words so far.)

Hehe...I haven't told you about Unity Found yet have I??

It's a new novella which I hope to finish pretty quickly.
It was inspired by this photo of the hero, Tod, and our discussion of him on the Unity DT private page.

Tod is an outdoor outfitter on the Boundary Waters area of Minnesota.

Lila, the heroine, is a wildlife photographer needing an outdoor guide for her BoundaryWaters photo shoot.

Serendipity definitely comes into play when these two hook up. It's a fun little book and I am having just a blast writing it. It's fun to write something short and flirty for a change in pace.

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