Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Writing on Wednesdays...judging my writing mood by coffee cup.

I am going to tell you something shocking. 
I am a writer obsessed with my coffee.
I know.
I can hear the virtual gasps right now.

In this house, we make 2 pots of 12 cup coffee per day (one in the morning and another around 2:00 in the afternoon). We brew a German coffee called Jacobs and it is cause for panic when we are down to only one unopened bag in the coffee cabinet. (We usually have  4-6 bags in there at a time....)

I have two favorite coffee cups....

My pink one, which holds 2 cups of coffeepot coffee.
Then my big honking pottery coffee cup which holds 4 cups of coffeepot coffee.

(by the there ANYONE in this world satisfied by what a coffeepot determines is a single cup?? I don't think so! Where did that measurement come from?)

So back to my coffee cups. When my muse is working hard for me, I use the big honking one. Lately, that's the cup I've been drinking from (i.e. the writing on Operation: Endeavor is going VERY well right now.) I love that.

Now I am debating buying a Keurig. My writing space is at a bar style table in the corner of our living room (we use it as a game table when it's not my office space.) It's right beside a classic 70's wet bar (cue the disco music...hehe.) I've debated getting a little single cup Keurig pot and putting it on the wet bar for when I need an additional pick-me-up cup in between pots, but $100 seems a lot for a few single cups a week. Does anyone have any feedback??


Mom said...

Nope! No feedback from me!

Amber Hight said...

My Feedback: GET a KEURIG!!!!!!!! I don't drink 2 pots of coffee, but it's awesome to be able to brew a CUP wheEVER I want one:) I can't wait for you to be done with Endeavor...I *need* to read it :)

Lisa said...

I was lucky enought to get the Keurig for christmas (I have the 150 one) and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE it.....if you register your machine you can getthe cups from their website at a discount which is pretty reasonable! I love it cause I don't drink tons of coffee but I love being able to brew it whenever I want, and I love brewing the tea and hot cocoa!

Dave said...

Keurig's are VERY trendy right now, probably with good reason: they make an excellent cup of coffee. If you can get past the price for the cups, it's well worth it.

And for the record, I don't have one, but that's because I use an espresso machine instead. Talk to Kara and see how much they like theirs. It's not a Keurig, but a Nespresso, which is the same concept.

Raven said...

I don't drink coffee, but my better half has a coffee problem. :) Two to three pots of coffee a day is the norm at our house, however I bought a Keurig for my better half and one for my son and they both love them. Well worth the money.

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