Friday, March 23, 2012

Photography Friday- Spring Break!

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For Spring Break, we headed down to Hill Country, to a little historic cabin in Wimberly.
We had a fabulous few days, so I thought I would share a few of our favorite photos.
I took over 350, so you are getting off easy with just these few...hehe!
Out in the back of the cabin is what I am guessing to be an original barn, although only three sides of it are still standing. They've turned it into a party area, with hot tub, grill, sitting and eating area complete with a chandelier-lit bar. So cool! The photo above was taken through one of the old windows of that structure of sunset while the kids played in the hot-tub, below.

Jake has turned out to be quite a photographer. This photo was taken in the town of Wimberly of him photographing, Kat playing and hanging out with her big brother. She loves him so much.

These photos are all taken from a park in Wimberly. There is a river running through the town which makes the whole town have a mountain feel to it. We really loved it and the scenery was gorgeous.

We spent several days exploring some of the area around Wimberly. One of the schools that Jacob is interested in attending is Texas State down in San Marcus. They have a natural spring lake there that is just amazing. HUGE amounts of water coming into this natural lake everyday and they offer glass-boat rides so that you can see the springs. The photo below is from that boat ride. The cracks in the rocks are where the water comes up. You can see it in the photo, but you can see the water coming in when you are there watching it. It was incredibly fascinating. Everyone LOVED that 30 minutes of our trip. We got to see tons of underwater, turtles and springs.

We also visited LBJ's ranch. Part of the site is a working 1800's farm and the bottom few photos are from there. We have visited TONS of historic sites over the years, but this little farm was really fun.

Turkeys on the property^^

And a gorgeous variety of chickens too...

We were there on St. Patrick's day, so I had to grab a photo of the clover...

Just a couple of fun, artsy photos from the property. That's the side of a wagon above.

And it's springtime in Texas so that means Blue-bonnets in Hill Country....

We had a fabulous huge covered porch on the cabin and Ben & I spent a TON of time out there.

The family in front of the Alamo....

A couple of artsy shots from the River Walk in San Antonio.

The cabin had a huge old Live Oak Tree in back with three swings on it. Little Bit was in heaven.

It was a fun trip!

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