Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Writing on Wednesday.... Bookstore Nirvana

Like I mentioned in Monday's Meandering post, I am working on several different writing pieces at once (mainly for the practice.) As a result, these Wednesday posts are liable to be all over the spectrum as far as subject matter. 

BTW, I have added a word count chart to my right sidebar so that you all can keep track of how I am progressing on each work. My goal is to write 1000 words each day on something, so hopefully those word count numbers will continue to steadily climb.

Today's scene is a short little snippet from the opening scene of a book that I am tentatively calling Confessions of a Book Blogger. The photo below is similar in feel to what I visualize this scene looking like, although the bookstore in the scene is actually much smaller than this one in the photo. Enjoy!

 Chapter 1
David peered at the exterior of the local bookshop through the shade of the tree that stood in the corner of the upscale little shopping center. He didn’t have high hopes. This town wasn’t very big. While the town definitely had an artistic and educational bent with the local university, independent bookstores were going out of business all over the country.

Taking off his aviators, he turned the handle on the heavy leaded glass door and, as he stepped into the store, he felt like he had stepped back in time. His gaze immediately peered up the wall of books that went up 2 stories. The store was filled with row upon row of gorgeous books, surrounded by rich wood paneling, brass ladder rails, and wooden ladders. The rich aroma of good coffee filled the air and all the doubts that David had been feeling were put to rest. He had made the right decision to move here. Walking into this store was like coming home.

To the right was a little café and coffee shop decorated in rich hues of red and burgundy with highlights of black and white harlequin patterns. That obviously was where the wonderful aroma of coffee was coming from and he began to think that he had walked into Nirvana. After a night with little to no sleep, he could use a direct IV line hook-up to the closest coffee machine. He started to head in that direction when a flash of movement from the corner caught his eye.

Standing on one of the rolling ladders was a sight that certainly did not fit into this old world looking bookshop. At the very tip top of the ladder stood a goddess who immediately sent blood flooding south in David’s body.  He could only see her from the back, but what a wonderful backside that was. She had on dark grey thigh high socks each topped with a red satin bow at the tops of her thighs that made his mouth water. A short, very short, grey wool pleated skirt topped off those wonderful little bows. A red fitted turtleneck and plaid vest topped off the ensemble as well as some seriously high patent red mary-janes that made David wonder how she was maintaining her balance on the high ladder. Just as he had that thought, she reached too far out and started to wobble and David ran.

These are my words so you are not allowed to copy, alter, or re-print them anywhere else without my permission. ;o)

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Ashley Newell said...

Ohhh, I LOVE it! Can't wait to read more!

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