Friday, August 12, 2011

41 goals...

Hi everyone!!!
Today I am doing the Unity Stamp Company co-brand post on the Unity blog.

When I realized that it was going to be posting on my 41st birthday, I decided to do an art piece documenting my goals for the next year.

There are close up pictures of the art piece on the Unity Stamp Co. blog.

Here are the goals listed on there:
  1. write two books
  2. participate in National Novel Writing Month
  3. Writing Wednesday every week
  4. 125 blog posts on Altered
  5. create girls’ Christmas presents
  6. find social outlet in San Angelo
  7. participate in readers event
  8. trip to Lubbock
  9. one audio book/month
  10. exercise 4 times/week
  11. maintain 140-145 lbs
  12. teach Kat her alphabet
  13. pay cash for car
  14. 500 followers on Smitten
  15. Smitten Picks giveaways every month
  16. read Hunger Games trilogy
  17. crepes once a month!
  18. learn to cook with tofu
  19. find 5 hikes in Texas
  20. visit Sonora caves
  21. take family to Ft. Davis area
  22. visit Austin
  23. tent camping with Kat
  24. Autumn Challenge
  25. Spring Challenge
  26. Learn more artistic photography
  27. write 25,000 word novella
  28. get back to scrapbooking
  29. romantic weekend trip with Ben
  30. make a bag
  31. learn basic gimp skills
  32. rework Smitten design
  33. learn blog design
  34. regularly upload to 2 Peas
  35. regularly upload to Splitcoast
  36. regularly upload to Amazon
  37. read 6 non-fiction books
  38. clear out extra books
  39. clean out paper closet
  40. 6 author interviews
  41. be more responsible with my time
I plan to hang this above my new sitting area in my newly redecorated stamp room...

And a few other photos of the stamp room in case you didn't see them on Facebook last week....

Most of my stamps are stored in the white cubes above and below. If you click on the photos, you should be able to see what all is in them in better detail.

And you knew there had to be book storage there somewhere right? These shelves are all 2 books deep. The bottom shelf is my To-Be-Read pile. *eeks*


Mary Friederichsen said...

This layout is gorgeous Christi! I love everything about it! and it is a great idea. I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks,and this is a great idea. I need some goals!!
Love your craft room as well,the color is so soothing!

Happy Birthday!

Kary said...

Hi Christi! Love this awesome piece of artwork!! It's beautiful and I love the details. It's a great way to be reminded of the goals you want to achieve. Happy Birthday!! Hope you'll have a fabulous time, and a great year!! Enjoy!

jengd said...

Happy birthday!! Great layout. Maybe I can help with #18- I made this yesterday- make it everytime my husband travels because I love it, my son likes it, my husband doesn't.
Slice/squash/drain 1 box firm tofu. Cube into bite-sized pieces.
Saute 1T minced ginger/2 garlic cloves in a bit of oil for 1min.
Add 1 can (I use lite) coconut milk, 1-2T Thai red curry paste, 2T soy sauce. Add tofu. Simmer until warm throughout. Add a bit of fresh basil. I tend to add a few Roma tomatoes that I cut up when I add the tofu. This time I sauteed green beans and Thai eggplant pieces so they were cooked first and just added to the mix at the end. The recipe also calls for a few green onions but I'm not an onion fan.
I typically

Smash Attack Ash said...

Um, nice freakin craft space you got there!! :)

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