Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun, busy weekend....

Before I recap the first half of our weekend, I wanted to give you a little warning about the blog here. 

We are coming up REALLY quickly on our move and are looking at going approximately 4 weeks without our "stuff" as we go through the process of moving and doing a few improvements on the house before we have our "stuff." 

As a result, I am trying desperately to work ahead on my design team assignments so that I can have the majority of my design team blog posts for June scheduled before we move. So I am doing lots of crafting right now...just not anything that I am ready to show you yet. 

So things may be a bit quieter here on the blog than it normally is. Mainly I will just be posting my design team assigned posts and a few, like this one, which are sharing events/photos happening around here. I apologize in advance for the lack of posting/projects. I will still be blogging about every other day so it won't be a complete ghost town around here. ;o)

And now to the fun stuff... 
a recap of Kat's 3rd birthday yesterday!

First, a little backstory...Kat sits with me a lot of the time when I am scrolling through the blogs and a couple of weeks ago, she saw this birthday party by Stephanie Howell using a Pinkalicious theme. One of Kat's favorite books and her favorite color is Purplicious so she decided that she needed a Purplicious themed party. {I did not go to the extreme that Stephanie went with her gorgeous party...this was a party just for the 4 of us so it was fairly low-key....just a purple theme to all of it.}

We ordered the cake from WalMart and it was chosen simply because it had a lot of purple on it as well as a disney theme (Princess and the Frog) which Kat loved (the photo of the cake had more purple than our finished cake did, but that's okay...Kat loved it and that's what counts.)

Her main gift was this scooter. We had planned on getting her a tricycle for this birthday, but the little girl that lives behind us has one of these 3-wheeled scooters and Kat would rather play with it than anything else including the tricycle that they have (to the point that she can watch the kids out our backdoor and gets upset when someone else is riding "her scooter") so we decided that giving her a scooter of her own would be the better gift (for everyone including the poor neighbor

We spread the opening of the presents throughout the day. When she got up, her scooter, helmet and crown were sitting out. Then she got to open up her presents from her Nana and Papa. If you look closely here, she is sporting a ring on each finger (gifts from them.)

Ben getting her geared up in her safety gear...not that she really needs it for the scooter, but I am well-trained from life in the AirForce which requires that if "they are on wheels, they are required to wear a helmet."

Not the best photo of her, but I wanted a shot of her in her safety gear with the scooter.

I had not done a single bit of the shopping for this birthday before 6:00 Friday night. No presents, no decor, NOTHING! So I was thrilled when I got to Hobby Lobby and found all these gorgeous fun garden decor items in purple...

The wired, bejeweled butterlies....

....butterfly garlands....

...purple lanterns...
ALL of it came from Hobby Lobby and only cost me about $20-$25 total and a tiny bit of work to hang it all from the ceiling with fishing line.

We ended up actually eating the cake for lunch...chocolate of course!

But if you can't eat cake for a meal on your birthday, then what is the fun in having one?? ;o)

The only thing that I was not very successful with finding was purple wrapping paper. Who would have thought? LOL! But when I found this wrapping paper, I knew that it would match her dress that she picked out as her birthday dress so I figured it would work....and there is a bit of purple on there.

We really only buy one real toy as a present and this year, it was a Strawberry Shortcake house, but looking at this photo, I am thinking that the guys each need one too! LOL!

It was a very full, exhausting sweet!

And today we have plans to head out into town for Art in the Park. It is a rainy, cold weekend, but we really want to go so we are going anyway. In history, some of our BEST family outings have been in the pouring rain so we are hoping for the best. 

Have a great Sunday everyone!


StampinCathy said...

Now this is my kind of party. All Purple! What great finds you found at Hobby Lobby! All the decorations looks fabulous and can't believe you found matching wrapping paper that goes with the birthday girl's dress. Sounds like the day was just perfect and love all the pics and of course the last one. That just tells you that the day was PERFECT.

Amy said...

Tell my favorite little girl in the world I said Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a wonderful time, I loved seeing all the photos!!

Mandy said...

ACK! I love it! We totally just got Katy that same scooter and helmet, by the way! :) Love the party theme! Might have to do Pinkalicious this year for my little one!

Anonymous said...

Oh I want a Purplicious birthday party!!!!!!!!!!
Kat is such a DOLL, tell her auntie Jimmi said "Happy Birthday!".
What a fun day!

Amber Hight said...

Aww! Is she already 3?????? OMG! It seems like just yesterday when you announced you were expecting! Time really flies, craziness! She's just as precious as ever:)

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