Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Snow Family Update...

Let it be known that I haven't given up quite yet, but since I haven't started making our Christmas cards yet, they are very likely to turn into New Year's or possibly even Valentine's Day cards. ;o)

So I thought that this might be a good time to give you a bit of a family update.

These photos of the Littlest Snow were taken today. The first was taken this morning right after she filched this lollipop out of her brother's room (I am thinking it's leftover Halloween candy.) I definitely DO NOT condone the idea of giving 2 yo's lollipops (for the safety of your furniture, DON'T DO IT!) BTW, 7 hours later, she is still working on this lollipop. You know, if you eat them the right way (i.e. not biting them, they last forever!)

She has a new totally random habit and it makes both Jacob and I just giggle. I have no idea where she got it, but at totally random times, she will look at one of us and get this very serious look in her eye and use a teacher's voice and say, "No more picking blueberries!" LOL! I love it! It is so darn funny when she does it and I have no idea WHY she does it.

She is still totally shoe obsessed. Any doll, baby, figurine, etc...that is the first thing she comments on...their shoes. We are in so much trouble with her. LOL!

As you can see in the photo above her hair is finally really starting to grow, but this time of the year, it is simply full of static and is constantly airborne. Her feet are also growing which means that it's time for new shoes, but I don't dare tell her that until I find some that I like. She's a tad bit obsessive when it comes to shopping and shoes and I like my relative peace.

And speaking of things not to feed your 2 may want to stay away from the Christmas cupcakes from WalMart...I am just saying... ;o)
And lest you think that all I do is feed her junk, she had 2 bowls of peaches right after this. LOL!

The boy (sorry, I don't have any new photos of him) is doing well. I keep seeing glimpses of the fact that he is 14 yo, but overall he stays pretty level-headed and calm. He actually does better than me in that area and really does help to maintain a calming influence in the house with Ben gone.

They have started off-season training for football which translates to 3 workouts/week in the weightroom. After the holidays, that will change to 4 workouts/week. This is all new to him and being a freshman, I don't think any of it is very easy around the weight room, but he continues to maintain a good attitude and really wants to be there so is definitely willing to put forth the effort.

He is struggling a bit in school right now. With all of our moves, this is the toughest gradescale that we have ever had and it shows in his grades. Last semester, he didn't have a single grade less than 81, but had a 2.5 or 2.6 gradepoint because of the gradescale. It's frustrating for both of us because his grades aren't bad...just not good enough for HERE. *ugh!*

So he is definitely looking forward to Christmas break and a break from the schoolwork, although he did mention going up and hitting the weight room next week when the coach is around.

Ben, what can I say about him? He's surviving. This is kind of like a prison sentence without being able to have visitors. The base is a large dirt compound that they simply never leave and they work 6-7 days a week/12 hours a day.

A few weeks back, he was having some foot issues that had been going on for a while and he finally went to the doctor who diagnosed him with a fractured foot, although they don't have the proper x-ray equipment to accurately diagnose that there. So he has stopped running and it sounds like it is improving.

I know that the holidays are going to be rough for him and everyone over there. It is just not an easy place to live/be...not when you want to be home. We miss him and he misses us, but we get to Skype (video) with him every Saturday and that helps all of us I think.

Me... you all pretty much know what's happening with me. I am staying busy stamping (and have another fun announcement this week, but that will wait until later.) ;o)

Ben started me on a Dave Ramsey budget training course so I have been working with that. I DO NOT like budgeting because that means that I have to watch what I spend, but now that I am getting used to this, I am really liking it and seeing some forward-progress toward being debt-free. I like that!

And you know our good friend Murphy (i.e. Murphy's Law).... Well, I paid off Ben's jeep this past month and the week that I received his title in the mail, my car started leaking antifreeze. *ugh* My dad tells me that my water pump is probably going out (I really hope so because the alternative is NOT GOOD!) But rather than take it to the shop and try to figure out rides there to drop it off and pick it up while moving a car seat to/from vehicles, I have just decided to drive Ben's Jeep until he gets back and can help me to get it in the shop. Getting Kat in and out of the jeep is interesting (thank goodness, I have been working out for the last year and a half so I have good abs...LOL!)

We are staying here for Christmas so it will just be the three of us with a late night Skype with Ben on Christmas Eve (which will be Christmas day for him since he is 9 hours ahead of us.) I am trying to plan some fun activities so that maybe the kids won't notice his absence as much...

If you have read this far, I am impressed.
I didn't plan to get so long-winded.
I have all stampy blogs planned for the rest of this week, so no worries,
crafting will be back tomorrow!


Mom said...

Love the pictures of that sweet, little girl! Wish you were going to be w/us at Christmas -- we miss you all!

Christi Flores said...

I loved the Snow family update. Yes, I was one of the crazy one's that read to the end. I guess the long-winded thing is a Christi thing! LOL!! I am so sorry that you guys aren't getting to spend Christmas together. That just breaks my heart. Your little girls is too stinkin' cute!! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.

Theresa said...

Hi Christi,
can your little one get any cuter? She is adorable, even with cake all over and static hair! Sorry to hear Ben is away again. I know he must be exhausted with those hours, cos my DH is too, but at least mine goes home to a real house each night, even if it is only him there during the week (I didn't want to move Thomas out of school again, so we are only together as a family at weekends). What did we do before Webcam/Skype/E-Mail? It certainly helps keep families together, when they are so many miles apart.
I've not much time for scrapping anymore, but now I do at least have internet to blog hop once again.
Christmas blessings.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

I read to the end and enjoyed it. I didn't realize I was so far behind on blog reading. That little sweet one is growing up. Do you think the shoe thing is genetic? May be. I kinda remember some shoe post before her time. Or did I dream that?

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