Sunday, December 21, 2008

I have a good friend named Amy...

I have a good friend named Amy.

We met about a year ago online through the blogs and then in real life this summer, when I moved to Illinois and just a few miles from her house.

I have several new loves in my life that I can blame on her which include a serious addiction to Panera Cinnamon Crunch bagels {sandwich sliced of course} and my new Cuttlebug {if you don't know the story of my Cuttlebug and how I have one now totally thanks to her influence, you need to go read my It's a good story}

Along with the Cuttlebug, you know that you have to have dies and embossing folders, right? Well, just about the time that I got my Cuttlebug, Hobby Lobby started carrying the Spellbinders nestabilities and Amy was very helpful in pointing this out to me. :o) So, I also am carrying a huge crush on all things with the Spellbinders logo on them and that brings us to the point of this rambling...

Spellbinders is running a DT Contest!!!!

The only thing better than a drawer full of dies is getting them free to play with all you want. Needless to say, I am definitely trying out for this one! Amy, are you going to join me?!??!

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Amy said...

ohhh I feel so loved...even if I am responsible for all your new vices...I'm surprised your hubby even lets me in the door...LOL..I was going to check this out...but I'm not sure-- I only have the ovals!!...I didn't even want to read the post because I was afraid of hoping...LOL..;-) BUT..I'll at least go read the post..;-)

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