Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Meanderings & 41 Goals Check-In

Good morning everyone!!!
I am here with my first Monday Meanderings post, although I will try not to meander too much.

First, I am going to chat with you about my writing and then we will get to my updates on my 41 goals.

Because my writing is a LARGE part of my goals for the next year, you are going to hear a lot about it.

Right now I am actively working on 4 different books (although one of them will become a that is a total of 6 books that I am working on right now.) Mainly right now I am concentrating on simply practicing the art and with a goal of writing 1000 words a day. A full length novel runs about 100,000 words with novellas running around 25,000-50,000.

So what I am working on?
1. A Bewitching Snowstorm- this is the bit that you all got to read last Wednesday. Right now, this piece is sitting at 4,000 words. I think that it will eventually hit novella size. It's a piece that I started about 10 years ago with the scene before the one you got to read. It's a piece about magic that takes place during favorite time of the year.

2. Confessions of a Book Blogger- Right now this is the piece that I am most excited about. I started it last week and want to share it so bad, but I think that I may resist for the moment because this story has some real potential. The heroine manages her Grandmothers old-world style bookstore and maintains her book blog on the side. The hero is an erotica author who writes under a female pseudonym. He's new in town, and the heroine has no idea who he is or that he's actually her friend on Twitter (as the female author.) Confused yet? Hehe. It's actually really cute so far. We will see. The piece needs some major plotting time.

3. Haunting Sarah- This is a YA piece that I started about a year ago. Hero: Todd + Heroine: Sarah = True Soulmates. But he died because he made a stupid choice and died before his time. Now Sarah is without her Soulmate and Todd has to help her find love again before he can get into heaven.

4. Operation: Endgame- Romantic Suspense. This will be my trilogy. I haven't actually started writing on it yet, but it is plotted out the wazoo. I have done a ton of work on this novel and it will be my focus for NaNoWrMo in November. The first book features 3 friends (a set of twins, Chris & Cassie and their neighbor, Jake) that grew up together in W. Texas. The guys are both spec ops in the military and Cassie teaches Military History at Texas Tech. Jake & Cassie are the love interests in this one and there is a LOT going on, but I think that I will leave the description at that right now. ;o)

The goal for the next year is to complete 2 full-length novels and 1 novella, so that is a ton of writing. I will continue to share bits and pieces of what I am writing on Wednesdays, but just know, those bits and pieces are liable to be all over the place. Sorry, in advance! ;o) Also, I still am a bit worried about how much I should share online and having it stolen. But while my main goal is practice, I will continue the sharing. Please feel free to offer advice and guidance about where you would like to see the stories go. ;o)

So, it is also the 12th, so that means it's time for an update on where I am at with my 41 goals by August 12, 2012.

  1. write two books- these are in progress as you just read.
  2. participate in National Novel Writing Month- November so I can't do anything besides plan for it right now.
  3. Writing Wednesday every week- started last week
  4. 125 blog posts on Altered- new blog plan DONE so this should be easy to accomplish.
  5. create girls’ Christmas presents- I have a plan, just need to start working on it.
  6. find social outlet in San Angelo
  7. participate in readers event- going to Readers n Ritas in November.
  8. trip to Lubbock
  9. one audio book/month- 2 done already!
  10. exercise 4 times/week
  11. maintain 140-145 lbs
  12. teach Kat her alphabet
  13. pay cash for car
  14. 500 followers on Smitten
  15. Smitten Picks giveaways every month- started Smitten Picks so am on track.
  16. read Hunger Games trilogy- have the first in audio right now, so should start this week.
  17. crepes once a month!
  18. learn to cook with tofu
  19. find 5 hikes in Texas
  20. visit Sonora caves
  21. take family to Ft. Davis area
  22. visit Austin
  23. tent camping with Kat
  24. Autumn Challenge- in the works, will start October 1st
  25. Spring Challenge
  26. Learn more artistic photography- ooh, played with some photos Saturday. Will have a typewriter series on the blog for Friday that I am super-excited about.
  27. write 25,000 word novella- see first part of today's post
  28. get back to scrapbooking
  29. romantic weekend trip with Ben
  30. make a bag
  31. learn basic gimp skills
  32. rework Smitten design
  33. learn blog design
  34. regularly upload to 2 Peas
  35. regularly upload to Splitcoast
  36. regularly upload to Amazon- so far, DONE
  37. read 6 non-fiction books- am halfway through one. ;o)
  38. clear out extra books
  39. clean out paper closet
  40. 6 author interviews
  41. be more responsible with my time
I am making some headway, but I can definitely see some goals there that I need to start working on... (*cough* working out! *cough*)

Hopefully, I didn't bore you to death today.

I will be back tomorrow with a blog hop that I am doing with Unity Stamp Co. and Scor-Pal. I am so excited...this is the first time that I have worked with Scor-Pals products.

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