Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday *er, Tuesday* Meanderings- Fall is HERE!

Good Monday Tuesday Morning to you all!
Sorry, I played too long with my mom yesterday and never got my Monday post done. 
Ooops! Sorry!

I do have a few things to talk to you about this week though...

Mom & Scrabble...
Mom is in San Angelo for a few days this week. Have I mentioned we play Scrabble. A lot! We LOVE Scrabble. Unfortunately, we have ruined our ability to play scrabble with anyone besides each other. We CHEAT...a lot. We rely on the Scrabble dictionary. We play each other's tiles. We NEVER stick to a time limit. Thank goodness we can play with each other though. So we have to take advantage whenever we are together.

Autumn Challenge

October 1st is coming and with it comes the Second Annual Autumn Challenge. Have I mentioned lately how talented my entire family is?? OMG, this is a photography challenge that 10 of us (ALL the siblings, my parents, and the 2 teens) participate in to take pictures of Autumn. We have a blog. Go check out last year's photos and be prepared because there is some gorgeous photography on there!!!

Monarch Butterflies
The monarch's are showing back up in West Texas. Monarch's migrate to Mexico every year and they come through here on their way. We are seeing signs that they are here and I will probably be posting photos soon (after they are here en masse.) This photo was one of the MANY that I took from last year's migration....

The boy caught TWO amazing passes last week against Midland High for two first downs. This was his second catch when it took FIVE players to finally pull him down. LOVE that!  And yes, they won this game, although San Angelo lost the two other games that they played against Midland High with the other two football teams.

That's what's happening in my world this week. Anything happening in yours???

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