Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Creative Whoohoooo!

Yesterday was fantastic! I woke up with the urge to create and did so all day long. There is nothing better than a day where your creative muse cooperates!!! And it absolutely does help when I have some added inspiration from all of my blogging friends!

This first layout is done using the sketch #15(created by the uber-talented Kari aka artsymama) and posted by the Pencil Lines gals. Have I mentioned that I am a shoe girl? LOL! I am really pleased with how this layout turned out. Thanks for the sketch Kari!!!

This second layout is from an art inspiration piece posted as a challenge by Linda. I loved the way that the art piece had all of the shading/gradation of colors in the background. I tried to mimic that by using chalks to color areas of my Foofala paper. I am still not sure about the result, but it definitely created a more artsy look which is what I was going for. The photo is my favorite from our vacation last year. We were out hiking when this rainstorm hit and found shelter in these 100-200 year old cabins. It was so cool!

Finally here is my Cabinet of Christi's Curiosities. This is an ongoing challenge starting on the 18th by artsymama and Bonnie. This is actually a tabletop photo album which I am altering for the project. I realize that it may be a bit smallish in size for the project esp. since I am really not sure what we will be doing, but I think that with the ring binding, it will leave lots of room to grow (fatwise) and I am definitely leaving the options open so that some days I can do several pages if my format isn't big enough. I just have been so crunched for time to create lately, I wanted to keep it small enough so that I wouldn't fall behind on the project (like I seriously did on the Book of Dreams).

I realize that I still owe you baby room peeks, but I will have to take photos later today of the bedding (which I bought) and lamp that I made so continue to keep on the lookout for that.

In other news, I have been poring over Sally Jean's gorgeous book Pretty Little Things and am feeling a serious urge to try my hand at some glass jewelry. Has anyone tried this? I am wondering about the soldering tool...my DH has one, but do I need a special jewelry one? There is a class being offered an hour and a half away which I know would be beneficial, but I am thinking that I may see what I can find around here and try to teach myself first. Wish me luck and if you have any advice, Please Share!!!



Linda said...

Nice job on the challenges Christi! I really like the chalk on the foof-a-la paper...it looks great! And LOVE the photo! And your shoe layout it terrific!!!! Love all the shoes too! :) And your little album is way cool!! I haven't decided if I am going to do this class yet...but after seeing your cool album...I think I must!

ArtsyMama said...

You are on a roll and you're such a sweetie. Thanks for all the kind words. I LOVE your shoe layout. Those stamps are yummy and your shoes are too cute to boot!! Your Cabinet of Curiosities looks fantastic. You're ahead of the curve on this one. Even ahead of the hosts....love it! Can't wait for the challenge to get started! As far as jewelry making, Sally's book really got me pondering getting out my hubby's soldering tool as well. I had the same question. Let me know if you get an answer:) Cheers!

Bonnie said...

Hi Christi glad you will be joining us. The challenge was originally my idea and I asked Kari to go into it with me. She is amazing. Could I ask you if you could mention my blog address too on your post as I will be hosting the first day and thereafter on a Thursday while Kari hosts Sundays? Thanks ever so much!

Ann(i)e said...

Wow, what an amazingly creative day!! Glad you joined in a pencil lines sketch...hope you sent it to the reader's gallery!!!

Missy said...

Oh man I am just loving your recent work. I haven't keep up with blogs to well the past couple weeks and I have sure missed some fantastic inspiration from you. I particularly LOVE the shoe layout. Those TAC stamps (I think) are freakin perfect for that page. Congrats on having such a productive day.

Frivolitea said...

I really think that you could teach yourself the soldering. I did. It took a while to work out the kinks, but eventually I was able to solder somewhat smoothly. Take a look at this site for tips:


Best of luck! Frivolitea

Frivolitea said...

I will leave the website link again since it didn't show up the first time:


nerissa said...

Hi Christi
I LOVE you're blog. I just joined the challenge and am taking a peek around.
I got Sally Jean's book too and it's amazing. That's how I've gotten into this collage thing even more. Have you taken a look at her website? Make sure you have a temp controlled soldering iron or rheostat for ones without the temp control. I was kind of winging it before I had the duh moment...

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