Thursday, January 04, 2007

Creating Made Simple...

Hello everyone!!!

I have spent the last day cranking out 32 of these super-fast, super-easy invites. Love this kind of creating where it just comes so easy with little stress even though they all had to go out today. I received the guest list really late (like yesterday) for a party that is being held at my house next week so I had to get them done fast, but I love this design. It is so simple, but is perfect when you have all these gorgeous papers to work with. Too bad that the recipients can't see them all together because they make such a fun set. LOL!

One of my resolution's is to be better about my blog. I have so much going on that I want to share, but since I got pregnant, I just haven't had the computer time that I used to have (I think all that time is going to sleeping now!) But I promise to be better. I have some fun posts coming that I am excited about so keep an eye out.

Thank you so much for all the well wishes about our baby girl. I went shopping today and am loving the thought of all those fun little girly clothes. I am on the hunt for a bedding set, but am not having any luck finding exactly the right thing. I am thinking that I may just have to dust off my sewing machine and make it myself. It is hard to believe now, but there was a time when I made absolutely everything (including my wedding dress) I am lucky if I sew on a layout. LOL!

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Sandy McTier said...

Love the cards! Gorgeous papers.

Linda said...

Great invites Christi! Very pretty simple that! Isn't if fun looking at girly stuff? I still stop to look at all the cute baby stuff for girls...I can't help myself! LOL I am very impressed with you my friend...your wedding dress??? you made it yourself??? WOW! I could never do that...I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine! LOL

Cami said...

I have been terrible with keeping up with blogs this holiday season - but wanted to stop by and say "woohoo!" for the little girl! :) Love that picture of you in front of the tree too = you are such a cute pregnant lady! :) If you decided to sew the bedding - be sure to share pics! :)

Tina said...

Huge congrats on the baby girl! Sorry I haven't commented much, I promise to be a better commenter! But I am an avid lurker/reader!!

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