Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lack of Organization...

How's this for a teaser photo? This is for my class over at the Cropper's Cottage cybercrop which starts Sunday, Sept 16th. I have spent the last 2 days finishing up the organization for that. The schedule is now posted for all to see as well as the class descriptions. It is a TON of work putting one of these things together, but they are so much fun, but it reminds me about how unorganized the rest of my life is right now.

That and the fact that I spent hours today looking for car titles that I am not even sure that we actually have (the bank may have them?!?) It is time to get my life more organized and back on track. I have let way too many things slide lately and that is not acceptable. I have actually started a little project to help me in that area, but it isn't quite ready to be seen yet...maybe tomorrow...

8 done, 92 to go-- 100 layouts til new stash!!!

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