Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fly Banner...

Finally! I am able to post!!! I have been trying to post this banner since yesterday at lunchtime. I tried upgrading my blog in an effort to get it posted which has left most people unable to comment. I am really sorry about that...If I had realized, I never would have switched to the upgraded blogger system. You can still post anonymously and I hope that you will.

This was my final project for my LSS. I have never done anything purely for fun for them so it was fun when the owner saw it. This is definitely inspired by the incredible banners that Pam Garrison makes. I have no where near her incredible style, but it was a lot of fun to make and so easy. I actually made the entire thing while talking with my mom on the phone. I will also be teaching a cybercrop class based upon the same basic idea over at the Cottage.

I hope that you have a fun weekend planned!

1 comment:

Selena said...

I got to see this IN PERSON...and IT ROCKS!!! Christi I so love it. Great job.

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