Friday, August 11, 2006

Birthday Jewelry...

It's been a while since I made any new jewelry, but I was inspired this week when I spotted these beads at JoAnn's and every girl deserves a bit of bling to dress up with on her birthday!


Ann(i)e said...

STOP being so bloomin' mutli-talented!! HAHA
Lovely work!!!
Challenge three is up, so pop on over to check it out!

Allie Prejean said...

Gorgeous!!! And Happy Birthday!!!

Daniel said...

Happy 36th Sis!!!

Sandy McTier said...

Happy Birthday Chrisit! Love the jewelry and as Ann(i)e said you are too bloomin' multi-talented. Check out the pic and shout out on my blog today for ya! Should have found a way to add the jewelry huh?
Anyway, hope you are enjoying your day!

Sandy McTier said...

opps! mispelled your name! Fingers were going too fast.

Theresa said...

Love the jewellery.
Hope you had a brilliant birthday.

Julie said...

those are amazing pieces of jewelry! happy birthday!

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