Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Boo to Blogger beta!

I have no idea what happened to my Fly banner, but Blogger won't even let me re-load it in another post...I will try again tomorrow. This new beta is awful! If you were thinking about switching, DON'T!!! I have received several emails from people who are wanting to comment and I am so sorry, but that seems to be a serious glitch in this new program. Believe me, I am NOT happy about it and REALLY miss your comments!!!

But here is the latest project that I have been working on. It is a board book to remind me of special dates every month. I have a huge one of these that hangs on the wall from my Close to My Heart days, but this size seemed much more user friendly! I plan on sitting it near my computer. Lots of various supplies on this: Stamped in Ink alpha stamps, Karen Russell naratives, Rhonna Farrer line, MM Boho Chic, etc.

I hope that you enjoy looking at it!
Whoohooo, Cami helped me figure out how to enable comments!!! Thank you Cami!!!!


Cami said...

beautiful work as always Christi. :)

Sandy McTier said...

Love the book! So happy that I can leave comments again. Can't wait to see what comes of your sneak peek on your post yesterday.
The colors are awesome and I'm sure you will make something amazing with it all!

Renaud Family Blog said...

Holy Moly Christi! That book is just too beautiful! I wouldn't want to write in it! LOL! Great work!

Norah's said...

OMG, you have inspired me for another project. I have too many on the front burner already. This calendar book is so wonderful and I am so happy to get to comment.

Missy said...

ooohhhh man Christi this is just out of this world fantastic. The idea, the design, and overall look. A+++++ for you.

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