Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A study in Green for Earth Day!

The Friday before our vacation, the EYC exercise was the color Green, so I took the lush, wet environment of Lake of the Ozarks to play with taking photos of all the different colored green mosses to see what kinds of effects that I could get...

I'll be doing another blog post this afternoon with the actual family photos from our trip and in that post I will talk a bit more about some of the places that these photos were taken..

In the Lake of the Ozarks region, there are 2 old (like 75+ year old...they were built in the 30's) swinging bridges that you can still drive across. One actually is still made from the wood planks (we weren't courageous enough to actually drive across that one), but this photo is the of the stone wall that supported that wooden bridge.

This was simply a random photo of moss growing in the railroad ties of the pathway of a trail that we hiked on. I like the little acorn shells in this too.

Moss covered stone walkway.

The first shoots of grass... a sure sign that Spring is coming.

This was a random photo taken from the garden grounds at the Willmore Lodge.

I loved all the different mosses growing on this tree. There were several different kinds and colors.... just glorious (although probably not so great for the health of the tree.)

This is the close-up shot of the tree above... nature is just an amazing thing!
And you know that I have to do some sort of papercraft with all of these exercises so this was my Green card...

Supplies used:
*Unity Stamp Co. Wish Stick
*K&Company paper (stamped paper)
*SEI paper (everything else)
*Memories inkpad

I'll be back later this afternoon with more of the real fun photos from our trip and a bit about my traveling stamp kit (and yes, I actually made this card on our trip so it came out of my traveling stamp kit.)

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Dianna said...

LOVE your last mossy tree shot...just beautiful*!*
(and of course the card too ;)

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