Friday, April 17, 2009

Exercise Your Creativity- Week 16- Home Decor

YES! I finally got this to work (pretty much) right!!! Finally, I am making progress...

I apologize...

*first, for the lateness of this post. I have a new Mac computer and things that I do every week esp. all of the steps involved in my EYC posts, I find that I am having to learn to do all over again. It turns out that I just don't learn all that fast anymore. LOL!


*secondly, I apologize for the format of my Exercise in this post. I try to format these in jpeg so that you can easily print them, but I cannot figure out how to convert this. I hope that you can copy/paste this into your word document so that you can print it. If you find that you cannot do that, please let me know and I will try to find other options...

argh! It's there until I hit that publish button and then it disappears. I am so sorry everyone! I have had to simply take a photo of the document (that after I resize will only save in the temporary files on this computer...argh! anyone want a brand new iMac!??!? grrrr!) edited to add...I forgot that these photos that are not saving correctly are not posting as click-able. I swear I am NEVER going to get this Mac figured out. Everyone tells me that they are so easy so why can I NOT FIGURE IT OUT!!! Anyway, here is the file...maybe you can figure out some way to view it before I do...

Inspiration from the Internet:





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