Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting things done..

Hi, everyone!!
I am not posting much right now because, while I am getting lots done, most of it I can't show you because it is DT/contest work that I am trying to get done for the next 2 months just in case I go into labor.

I do have a couple of things to share though...

This first item is an altered folder that I made from the cover of a hardback sketchbook. A couple of years ago, I bought several really cheap sketchbooks. Well, they were cheap for a reason...the pages fell out of them, but they still had nice covers so I have been saving them, hoping that someday I would find a use for them. And over the weekend I had an idea and this is the result:

The book cover was originally the black that you can see showing around the edges so it was the perfect basis for decorating. I lined the inside and decorated the front cover. I then cut gussets for the sides. Punched holes in the top and strung my string and I now have a hanging file folder to keep track of all my print-outs about the current challenges that I am doing that tend to normally get lost in the shuffle of papers on my work area.

This second project is simply an altered spiral journal that I turned into an address book. As we get closer to Kat's birth, I realize that my address books are an absolute mess so this is my solution to that problem. I created alphabet tabs for the inside so everything is nice and orderly. Now to just get all my info transferred into there.

And speaking of Kat's birth, I had contractions again last night for a couple of hours. This is so different from when I was pregnant with Jacob. I never had false labor/braxton hicks with him except for the one day that DH and I went out 4 wheeling in his truck when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and you know, I am quite honestly surprised that didn't put me into total labor! LOL! We have another ultrasound on Wednesday so maybe we will know more about when she might make her arrival although I do still have 4 1/2 weeks til my due date and my Mom will NOT be happy if I have her before she arrives on the 13th so hopefully, I still have a couple more weeks.


Sandy McTier said...

These altered creations are gorgeous! Have a great week!

Rita said...

I can't believe how close you are getting to having little Miss Kat in your arms!! Sounds like she's anxious to get out too! ;) Can't wait to hear about the ultrasound!

Cami said...

wow - you're only 4 weeks away...I can't believe it! Love your altered goodies - they are beautiful Christi!

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