Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Updates...i.e. Random Ramblings from Today!

The ole blog here is looking a bit neglected so I thought that I would pop in with a quickie post about all that is going on here today!

The 15 year old:
School started yesterday for Jacob. First day of school for 10th grade...hard first day when it's a new town, but I think that it went pretty well for him. It definitely helped that he has been working out with the football team all summer so he knew all those guys.

Speaking of football, the Bobcats had their first scrimmage last week (they won and looked good) and he had a great catch. First real game is this week...an away game 3 hours away.
(Jacob is in the orange uniform...#10)

Football is going to be a challenge this year. He is on the JV team and they play on Thursday nights (i.e. a school night.) Last week's scrimmage was one of our closest away games (out of 6 away games) and he didn't get home till midnight. There are 2 away games that are over 5 hours away. I am figuring he is going to be home around 4 am for those games...and then have to get up and go to school. Like I said, it is going to be a challenging year. Hopefully he can manage to keep his grades up...

BTW...a warning for all you parents who don't yet have high schoolers. Don't get that false sense of security and wealth when you look at the long lists of school supplies that all the other (lower grade) schools have at the stores, knowing that your child is in high school now and all they will need is the computer and some pens and paper (which you have gracefully already provided.)

Oh no, no, no... your high schooler may not have a school supply list because it is an evil plot to make you bond with your teenager while you battle the huge crowds fighting over the very limited supplies left over at Office Max the first day of school. Nothing brings a mom and son closer than the victory of finding the last (non-girly) pencil sharpener to be found in the store! 7 classes= 6 supply lists and $175 spent at Office Max at 8:45 last night. But we did rock out to the radio on the way home as we cheered our success on finding everything, but the tissues (neither one of us was brave enough to go into Target next door which was looking manic even from the outside.)

Antiquing in our new town:
This past weekend was a fun one for the family. We hit the local antique stores that are literally just around the corner from our house. These are 2 HUGE buildings with VERY LITTLE air conditioning (and it was over 100 degrees here for the entire last month... I was just going to say last weekend, but I thought that you needed to be made aware that as of the 24th of August, we have had 23 days over 100...ugh!)  But I digress....

Back to the fun stuff...antiques! Wanna see what we got???

Ben's find...this fabulous ice cream maker from the 30's or 40's (a guess based upon the art deco details on it.) I absolutely love it and that color blue....it cannot be any more perfect!

A couple of my finds. The makeup case will be a travel case for my art/craft supplies. I love it and that Ball jar...well, it's another fabulous find based upon the color of it. I plan to fill it with white buttons and use it in my blue craft room.

And speaking of my blue craft room...here is my find that I am so darn excited about. This is a wood record holder that is the ABSOLUTE PERFECT size for scrapbook paper! Even more perfect...it was only $25!?!?!

Here is a photo of it loaded up in my room under my work table. LOVE IT!!!

Little Miss:
No real updates here, but I don't think that it's possible to do an update post without at least including a little bit about her.

I do have a quick story about her to share. We were coming back from the scrimmage last week and she was watching Strawberry Shortcake (a nice, wholesome show, right?) in the backseat. She calls up to me and says, "Mom, can I call myself scandalous?" What?!?! LOL...we may have issues with this little one...I'm just saying! ;o)

Fabulous at 40:
I have debated actually making this a regular post (to update my progress) on Monday's or Tuesdays. As of last week, I am officially back having a healthy lifestyle.

I rejoined Weight Watchers. I achieved Lifetime status in 2003, but after 2 months of eating out while we moved this summer, I had gained 15 extra pounds. My goal weight for WW is 145. At weigh-in last week, I was 159.6.

I lost 2.2 lbs. this past week. Yippee!

That goal weight will be back soon and this time I am hoping to improve it with a real goal of 140. When I initially did WW, I hit 135, but I haven't been below 145 since Kat was born so I am not sure of how realistic that is at this point in my life. I will be satisfied with 145. And when I hit that goal, these will be mine (from Kohl's)...LOVE THEM!!

Along the lines of a healthy new me, for my birthday, I bought myself a new workout program, TurboFire. I started it last Friday and I LOVE IT!!! If anything can get me healthy and looking good, this can! (We have been huge fans of the Beachbody workouts around here for a couple of years...P90X, Chalene Xtreme, TurboJam, and now TurboFire)

That's all for today. Now I need to go stamp so that maybe next time, I can show you something creative! ;o)


Jenn said...

My MIL found me two of those Ball jars (one is larger than the other) in the same color, they are so pretty in the sun light! I LOVE MINE! That record holder is a score for sure! :)

Julie Campbell said...

Wow! Love all of your antique-y goodies! AND THOSE BOOTS! OMGosh! I LOVE those! Eeek!

StampinCathy said...

Great post. Love all your finds and those BOOTS are totally awesome. I can't wait to see them on you. I know you will reach your goal.

Angie Blom said...

I love your updates... I can't believe the times of getting home for football! Mine starts grade 10 this year as well, I am hoping for a good year, it will be a tough one. Love your finds, that makeup case and record holder is amazing! Little miss . She is just too cute! The things they say at this age... It only gets better! Hope you have a great week! WW, that is my next step!

Katie Cotton said...

those ARE fabulous finds! Love them!

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