Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!!

Good morning! Do you have creative plans for the day??? I hope so because it is National Scrapbook Day! Over at the Cropper's Cottage, we are celebrating the day by starting off a week-long cybercrop event to help inspire your creativity. The Lucky 7 Design Team was just announced over there (yay! I am one of the lucky 7!!!) and each DT member is hosting a day of the cybercrop and issuing 7 challenges on their day. Today Linda Peterson kicks it all off! I can't wait to see what kinds of challenges that she has in store for us.

Then tomorrow is my day! I will be issuing challenges every 2 hours starting at 8:00 am and finishing at 8:00 pm so I hope that you will come and join me. I will try to post the challenges on here at the same times!

I haven't had much time to create this week...been busy running errands and going to appts, but I did manage a quick stop at Barnes & Noble for some instant inspiration in the form of a couple of new magazines.

The first magazine is a yearly publication put out by Somerset Publishing called Somerset Life.
When they first started publicizing this book/magazine, they touted it as filling a void that was left behind when Victoria Magazine was closed 3 years ago and I was really worried that it wouldn't be able to deliver to such high standards. Well, I was not disappointed. The magazine is so worth the $14.95 price. The photography is gorgeous. The articles well-written and every page is a bit of inspiration to the creative soul. Now I want them to release it more often (yes, even at that is totally worth it!) Now I am just trying to spread out my enjoyment of it by taking it bits at a time with some great classical music on my ipod. That is my definition of bliss!

The second magazine is more of a fun, inspirational read. 100 Ideas Flea Market Style is a conglomeration of 100 ideas taken from the BH&G publications.
Some of them I had seen before and loved and most I have never noticed before. Some fantastic ideas in here and I love that they are all compiled in one place. I will definitely be using this magazine in the near future as design inspiration.

And finally, one final little magazine tidbit. I have waxed poetic before about the sad loss of Victoria Magazine that was put out by Hearst Publications until mid-2003. Well, it was recently announced that Hoffman Publications (they produce Southern Lady) will restart production of Victoria in October. I am so excited about the prospect. I just hope that they can continue to live up to the high standard that Victoria was originally produced at.

I hope to see you all over at the Cottage this week and hope that you are taking the time to feed your creative soul this weekend.

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ArtsyMama said...

Hey girl!!! Love your post:) I had these same two magazines on my blog in the last few days as well. Great minds...and great taste!!!


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