Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Vacation Portfolio

I am up on the Unity Stamp Co blog today and this is a copy of that same post...

At this point in my life, I have over 20 scrapbook albums and I don't really want too many more, so I look for other ways to commemorate important events throughout the year. We are getting ready to go on vacation. This is a huge family vacation with lots of the extended family so I was looking for a way to do a quick little album/memorabilia storage from the trip and came up with the 7 gypsies portfolio (I used the medium size.)
One of the reasons why I like these so much is that they are expandable so I can stuff them full of ephemera and little thumbnail photos from the trip.
Because this was a fairly large project, there are a LOT of photos and materials used on this. I am going to list the Unity stamps used in each individual photo for easier explanation.

For the cover, I used several different stamps. The band under "VACATION" there is from the Carnivale Alpha kit. The date at the end of the band is from the Sophisticates Notes kit. You can also see just the edge of the Family sentiment there and that is from last month's kom, Think Happy Thoughts.

That swirl is from the Art & Soul kit.

The family edge is from Starts & Ends with Family. The flower is from last month's kom, Think Happy Thoughts.

The interior flap has Insightful Meadows stamped in it and a little sack (for memorabilia) with the bird from last month's kom, Think Happy Thoughts.

The summer tag is stamped using this month's KOM, ...all Smiles.

There is a library pocket tucked into the small file folder (for memorabilia) and it is stamped using this month's kom, All Smiles.

In the background there you can see the Unforgettable Moments stamp. The banner is from the Welcome Baby kit. 

There's no stamping in this interior section, but there is a big ribbon where larger photos and ephemera can be tied into the book.

I hope that you like this idea for a bit of a different scrapbook. I will try to remember to share it again after I have filled it!

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Smash Attack Ash said...

Wow. This is SO beautiful. I'm in awe of your skill. I want to go scrap now...

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