Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Study in Signs

I am running a bit behind on my Study in Signs post, but I have had a hard time get my motivation going the last few days. I think that it is a matter of too much to do and not knowing where to start... so ignoring it ALL is the easiest solution...LOL! But that is changing today!

The first thing that I have to show you is my one, lonely little craft project. If only I could show you all the other ones that I have in my head. LOL! This is a card using a couple of different stamp companies stamps. The sign is from Cornish Heritage Farms and then those cute little mittens are from Unity Stamp Co...that stamp was from the Dec. KOM.

Supplies used:
*Unity Stamp Co. Little Reminders
*Cornish Heritage Farms Winter Vintage Signage
*Karen Russell papers
*watercolor pencils
*Martha Stewart border punch
I started out with big plans for local-area photography for this one, but the winter weather thwarted my plans so I started looking around my house for signs and you know what, we actually have quite a few around here.

My mom gave me this gorgeous pearl "Create" sign for Christmas. It actually moves to different places around my house all the time, but right now it is hanging on the chandalier that is my task lighting for my craft table...

These two Beautiful Life signs are hanging above my workspace so I see them when I look up. I am so blessed and they inspire me when I sit there.

After living in Europe for 2 years, wine plays a big part of our lives in this household...we really like it and this wine sign hangs at the top of one of our wine racks.

Again this is a sign that reminds us of our European days...specifically England. All of our bathrooms have Loo signs. :o)

This isn't a sign in a traditional sense, but it is a common one in our house. This is the general sign that Kat is in the area...O's on the floor.

And like any good RedRaider's do, we have signs to show our loyalty throughout the house. This was originally made for the Christmas tree by Jacob, but has since migrated to the dining room chandalier where it hangs above our dinner table.

The sign above Jacob's doorway. I have him brainwashed completely!

I hope that I didn't bore you completely with my tour of signs. It was fun to play a bit with the camera and see what I could do just around the house...

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Jenn said...

I love your mitten card, it make me warm and cozy!

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