Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Altered states...

Well, over the weekend I went on a little altering phase.

The first thing I altered was this file accordian. First, let me explain the Design Collective. This is a group of 13 uber-talented UK designers who have gotten together to create 4 classes a month. You can join for 10 pounds/month (that equals about $20.) They are just getting started with the first month starting in April. I am so excited because these gals are some seriously inspirational designers. They have a forum and a blog. Right now the forum is open to anyone, but starting (I think this is the right date) March 30th, it will only be open to those that have the monthly membership.

But the classes will go out 4 times a month as pdfs so all of the designers have come up with fun designs/methods to store the pdfs (all of these creations are simply stunning...go check out the gallery!) I created a accordian file folder loosely based upon AmberJane's creation. Here is my version using one of the My Mind's Eye Front Porch Collections.

Way back in January, one of the challenges that I started was the weekly altered cards challenge being hosted by Emily Falconbridge. After a great ambitious start, I fell a bit behind and have slowly been playing catch-up. Here are my 5 latest cards:
The themes in the order that they are posted is
~My symbol...I chose fleur de lis because I love all things French.
~My love...DH
~I miss...some of my body woes with being pregnant
~Things that inspire me... a list of places that I look for creative inspiration
~My initial

I also altered a band-aid tin to hold all of my cards. This is using another line of the My Mind's Eye Front Porch Collection and a bit of Heidi bling....

Finally, I have one last little discovery to show you. If you have been following my blog at all, you may have noticed that I love to use bits of notebook paper. I absolutely love the look that the spiral binding adds to a page. The downside to this is that it is not a very good idea for the life of your scrapbooking because notebook paper is not acid free. Well, yesterday I was cruising my long list of blogs that I like to visit and I came across this post over at Christine's blog. OMG!!! Stampin Up makes a punch that makes that edge. Let me just tell you this...I am definitely ordering that baby so be on the lookout for this effect on upcoming layouts!!! Definitely one of those...Duh! Why didn't someone think of this before!!!



Mary Jo said...

I knew I needed to place an order with Stampin' Up soon! ;)

Sandy McTier said...

Love the idea of that punch!
Your bandaid tin is adorable!
Have a great day!

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