Friday, December 01, 2006

Awwww, December....

December is a magical month! I love the feeling in the air with Christmas coming. I love the twinkle of the Christmas lights. I love the sound of Christmas carols in the air. I love the feeling of anticipation in the malls and stores(I know, it is crazy, but I adore going to the malls at this time of the year!) I love opening each day's square on the calendar and having chocolate for breakfast. It's a magical month and I am so glad that it is here. I hope that we can all take some time this month and sit back and enjoy it.

Well, I have continued to sleep well all week and am getting so much done. I am mailing off the artwork for an article this morning (as soon as I get the step-by-steps done...I hate doing that part! LOL!) I think that this is some of the best work that I have ever done...LOVE all of the projects! I hope that Natalie can forgive me for being a little late with it. It actually should have been in her hands today. Oooops!

This is a layout that I did late last night for my final layout for the Cottage for the month of November(nothing like making it just under the wire!) These are some photos from the Duke Homestead that we took on my birthday back in August. The papers are Crate Paper- Birdie collection. The rub-ons are Fancy Pants and Heidi Swapp and everything is available over in the Cottage store.

I had a realization yesterday about my camera. I was thinking that I could actually make it til after Christmas to buy it, but for my DT projects this month, I have to do actual projects not just layouts which will have to be photographed. Luckily just after I realized that, I received a paycheck in the mail which will pay for the camera. Whew! Now to get it deposited...

Totally off topic here...I think that my cat is developing OCD. LOL! Yesterday we were both here in the kitchen (that is where my computer is located) and the fridge made a funny noise that sounded like a rodent scurrying. I promise you...we have NO rodents, it was the fridge, but we both heard it and now he spends all day moving from the fridge to the oven waiting for something to come out. It is so funny in a pathetic, sad kind of way. Maybe I need to find some new toys for the cat.

Have a great weekend!


Missy said...

ooohhh my, I absolutely LOVE the layout, but it was the OCD cat story that got me started off right this morning....that is so funny!!!

Norah's said...

So nice to see you and hear you. The photos in this layout are beautiful. As is the LO. I cannot believe you like to go to the mall. Not me.

Sandy McTier said...

Gorgeous LO!
Enjoy the Mall - you'd never see me there! Can't stand to go to the mall anymore. Used to LOVE shopping on Christmas Eve with all the crowds but have grown fussy in my old age and can't stand the crowds. Have a great week! :)

Ann(i)e said...

you've a pretty good excuse to be late on work my dear!!
it's always so lovely, sure that will make up for it!

PURSuE Your Art! said...

The layout is wonderful, the photos are amazing! I love December too!

Cami said...

beautiful layout Christi - love those papers!

LOL about your cat :)

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